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In 2021, for the first time, a farmer from Pontiac and his family experimented with growing cannabis.

3100 plants the first year and the second year more than 11,000 plants from different strains were distributed; partly over the land, and partly in pots.

The establishment is located in the forest and there is no electricity.

The water comes from a reservoir that was dug out and is supplied by springs coming from the mountain. The watering was carried out by a very simple and efficient system.

Three weeks after planting, the hopes of getting a good harvest were very low, as a series of surprises appeared.

A portion of the field where two strains of cannabis were planted showed disturbing signs. All the leaves had turned yellow. Another part of the field where the other two strains of cannabis were planted was flooded and the plants began to rot.

The future was not bright...

We acted accordingly and in the end, only 154 plants out of 3,100 were lost.

A week before the harvest began, the remaining plants had turned splendid.

After harvest, in all 4 strains of the plants, the THC level was so high that it exceeded the highest level obtained in indoor cultivation for the same strains.

What does that mean?

Is it a miracle?

Is this possible when we keep reading in specialized magazines that indoor growing is of better quality than outdoor growing?

Is there any artificial light that works better than the sun?

Does our body respond better to receiving artificial light, or being nourished by energy coming from the sun?

Our metabolism requires energy from the sun to function at its best.

The same applies for Cannabis.


“To make a lot of money, fast."

This target has already been exceeded.

Those who have already done this know very well that we have to change strategy and are moving more and more towards outdoor cultivation as it has become imperative to drastically reduce production costs.


More and more countries will become fierce competitors because they can produce at a low cost.

The time when Canada will have to import cannabis is not far away.

We must prepare.

Only the quality of cannabis (strength in THC, terpenes, etc.) will be able to keep us at a competitive level.

It is necessary to develop partnerships between Canadians in order to build a force and an economy capable of withstanding what the very near future holds.

Not just producing cannabis but high quality, if not, the best in the world!

This is what I would like to see for all those who cultivate it so that our future becomes bright.