El Camino Farm produces outdoor cannabis on its site and is the promoter of a network of cannabis producers of the Pontiac region, in Quebec, Canada.


Our Values: Revalorization, Solidarity, Development

Economic and Social Revalorization: The success of any business depends on the development of its human and material resources. By giving value back to our land, we want to encourage young people to reinvest in the territory and develop it. We want to give them hope and the desire to make long-term projects in the region.

Solidarity: We believe that the economic benefits of the cannabis industry can benefit the farmers of the region and that by joining forces, we can revalue the agricultural land of the region and distinguish ourselves by the quality of the production.

Development: We advocate sharing knowledge so that each partner can develop its know-how and become autonomous in its production. We also believe that the sharing of infrastructures allows all the producers of the region to produce more at lower costs and to offer products of better quality to the national and international markets.